A woman holds a child dressed as a dinosaur in a classroom.

Be part of
something big

Working with small children is a big deal. It’s a job that makes a difference by helping to give children the best start in life.

Working in early years and childcare

A job in early years and childcare is unique and rewarding. You get to be part of a child’s early education and help to shape their future. No matter what the day brings, you’ll feel joy in seeing children grow, learn and flourish. And there are lots of different types of roles.

Search for jobs

If you’re ready to apply now, you can search for jobs in the early years and childcare sector. There are around 30,000 nurseries and pre-schools in the UK, so there are lots of opportunities out there.

Real stories

Lyndsey – childminder

Meet Lyndsey, a childminder with 10 years experience, who has been able to work flexibly, allowing her time to care for her own child.


A women sat on a sofa with her arm around a small girl reading a book together

Will – club manager

Give a big high five to Will, who kicked off his career as an apprentice and has proudly progressed to the role of wraparound club manager.


A man stood in a classroom with games and toys on a table

Lynne – childminder

Lynne swapped her day job for the heart-warming world of smiles and cuddles by building a fulfilling childminding business.


A woman sat at a table looking at the camera and smiling