Work in before and after school clubs

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It’s not all about the early years. Older children can need childcare too. Working in wraparound roles before or after school offers flexibility and a chance to share your passion whether that’s sports, art or nature. There are plenty of opportunities.

What’s involved

Wraparound childcare is looking after primary school aged children before and after school. For example, in breakfast clubs and regular after-school clubs. This usually means during term time and until 6pm or later. It can also refer to childcare and activities in the school holidays.

Wraparound childcare employers often offer flexible hours ranging from:

  • part-time during term time only
  • full-time work across the term time
  • school holidays

Some offer subsidised or free wraparound childcare for the children of staff during their working hours.

Wraparound childcare staff can work:

  • in a variety of places, such as in school buildings or community facilities
  • for a range of organisations, such as schools, charities or private businesses

The work will vary but may include:

  • planning and setting up play areas, making sure they are safe and secure
  • leading games and supervising children while they are playing
  • providing breakfast or a snack
  • building trust and supporting children to feel settled and comfortable
  • building positive relationships with parents and carers and with other professionals
Skills you may need

Wraparound childcare providers are looking for a wide range of people with different skills and experience. It’s also important that staff have a passion for working with children, so they can bring fun and enjoyment to the role. People who might be suited to working in wraparound childcare include:

  • playworkers
  • people in nurseries, pre-schools, or other childcare roles
  • teaching assistants
  • school support staff
  • sports coaches
  • youth workers
  • students
  • parents, grandparents and other carers

Some people working in wraparound childcare may be volunteers. Childminders can also offer wraparound childcare.

Anyone working in these roles will need to pass enhanced DBS checks. You may also need to show that you have experience working with young children. No specific qualifications are required, but some employers may want you to have a level 2 qualification (equivalent to a GCSE). You’ll also need to complete safeguarding training when you start the job.

To earn while you learn, consider doing an apprenticeship – for example, a playworker level 2 apprenticeship.

To find out what training is available where you live, speak to your local college, training provider or careers service.

Apply now 

Employers can advertise wraparound childcare jobs as:

  • wraparound assistants
  • playworkers
  • sports coaches
  • childcare workers

Training and qualifications

If you would like to grow in your career and get involved in other roles, find out more about the qualifications you can take.


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If you’re ready to apply now, you can search for jobs in the early years and childcare sector. There are around 30,000 nurseries and pre-schools in the UK, so there are lots of opportunities out there.