Will – club manager

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Tell us a bit about your background

What did you do before you started to work in wraparound childcare?

I completed a 2-year sports and exercise science course at college and was working in a supermarket. However, I was keen to be outdoors!

Tell us how you entered the sector. Was there a specific entry route you took?

I signed up to do an Activity Leadership apprenticeship, as I had no experience teaching or working with children. It was a great way to learn and get the experience I needed. Gaining this qualification also opened up more job opportunities for me to consider such as becoming a teaching assistant or doing one to one PE coaching within schools.

What inspired you to work with children in wraparound childcare?

I chose to work in wraparound childcare because I specifically wanted to work with school-age children and like the variety that a holiday club offers. I typically work before and after school in term time, which is great because it leaves my days free. And then I offer full-time childcare during school holidays.

A day in the life

Activities at the Rise and Shine holiday club are child-led

We start the day making sure the children have a healthy breakfast.

And then we head outside to play a game to burn off some energy. Tag is always a favourite!

I always get the children involved in choosing what activities they would like to do.

We play anything from capture the flag, dodgeball and football tournaments to four square and mini Olympics.

Then we make sure they fuel up with a healthy snack. We make smoothies and have fun with taste tests too.

We also include creative arts and crafts activities. Seeing the artistic side of children is amazing to watch – they create fantastic art pieces!

What’s your favourite part of the working day with children?

Being outdoors, especially during the warmer months, and seeing how well the children are developing in certain sports or games.

How do you feel you’re making a difference?

By being a role model and leading by example I can see how this positively impacts the children to try their best.

I’m especially proud that I won apprentice of the year. I’ve since been promoted to setting manager and bring my passion into the games I run.

Career tips

If you’re looking for a career working with children, wraparound childcare helps you gain a lot of confidence and knowledge.

You need to be enthusiastic, willing to get stuck in and have a can-do attitude.

There are times that can be tough, but you will learn, improve and become more confident as time progresses.

And if you want to push yourself, you could end up running a club, like me, who went from apprentice to club manager.

Go for it. It’s challenging, but very rewarding too!

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